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Landing into one of the world's busiest airport for the first time is a somewhat memorable experience, but getting out of London's Heathrow Airport can be the source of daunting confusion.

For when you finally get past customs and collect your luggage you enter a terminal with endless options of transport to reach your destination. If you have a loved one or someone experienced in London picking you up from the Heathrow airport, don't bother reading on, you are fortunate, but this article will now set out some facts about the different ways of travelling when you reach London.

There's the traditional London Black Cab, a pre-booked cab driver (minicab), the express train, the public underground train, the bus, coaches, shuttle buses or private car rental.

London's Black Cab has a long tradition in transporting passengers all over London. Though drivers are experienced and the vehicles all inspected to a standard, the rather extortionate prices discourage many passengers from using their services at the airport. In addition, the prices are not fixed and run on a meter. This leads to the worry as to whether a Black-Cab driver is taking the shortest/quickest route or taking a detour in order to ‘up’ the fare. Lastly the problem with black cabs is the availability. After landing in the airport, it is up to you to exit the terminal and go search for the nearest cab. On London’s famous winter days (or summer for that matter) the weather doesn’t warrant for a pleasant search out in the cold or rain.

Another method of travel is to use a pre-booked minicab driver. A pre-booked minicab driver will already be waiting for you inside Heathrow terminal and will have a meet and greet board ready with your name on it. This allows you to easily find the driver inside the terminal. With a pre-booked journey, the price is also set in advance so you can calculate exactly how much to pay. The price you pay is more reasonable compared to a black cab. The driver also knows your destination in advance so he can plan ahead the best route. For Heathrow to Gatwick transfers, our drivers will also have a knowledge of which terminal to drop you off at depending on which airline you travel with. It is easy to book a vehicle in advance and you can call before you travel and arrange a transfer. For international visitors, you can also book online and see all the prices details in advance.

If travelling by car does not take your fancy, you can travel by train. Here there are two methods. The express train; which you can take from the terminal. This is good as the train is usually fast and quite regular. Using the express train means there are fstops between the final destination and you get a direct route into central London. The price of this is a little less than a prebooked minicab and tickets can be purchased at the station. Though recommended method is public transport, it is advisable to check how far you need to travel to your final destination after you reach the station. If it is far, you may end up paying a lot more unnecessarily.

A cheap mode of train is to take public transport. This can be done by using either the underground train or the red London buses. Should you have heavy or large bags, this can be a fairly difficult mode of transport as you will be in confined spaces and may have to climb stairs. Public transport is not very suitable for Heathrow to Gatwick transfers as the underground line does not extend this far.

If you are staying at a hotel, it is best to see if the hotel provides a free of discounted shuttle bus service directly from the airport to the hotel. If they do, this would probably be your best method of travel. If they do not, ask them how they would recommend you travel. Be WARNED, if a hotel offers to book you a cab, the prices will be likely to be overpriced as they include a commission for the hotel. This commission will be paid by you in full. It is best to compare the prices online at the minicab website mentioned above.

All in all, this article was created to offer some insight into travelling from the airport into central London or from Heathrow to Gatwick. There are many methods all with advantages and disadvantages. At we look to take the best of all methods and provide you with an unrivalled transfer service.

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